The author

The author, towo, going by the name of Tobias Wolter, can generally be regarded as a rather strange person. Even though he’s knee-deep in miscellaneous so-called “web 2.0” networks and tends to be rather overt about things, the public information concerning him usually is not much more verbose than what you can gleam from his GPG key – or a tentative WHOIS

Speaking of social networks, let’s just make a list:

.. and some others not mentioned here.

And.. why not? Well, it’s a bit revealing, but it’s not like I’m stating any personal information of relevance that is not already public yet. A list of books and places I reviewed is also by no means representational, thus…

Anyway, no rambling here. There’s multiple methods to contact the author:

  • Write an email (to ).
  • Use Jabber/XMMP and message me.
  • Skype me.
  • Try to bump into me in real life. Best bet is to try somewhere in the strees of Cologne. Although that might prove rather hard.
  • Find me hanging out on miscellaneous IRC networks (as, you may have guessed, towo).

For anything related to silly Google services, the appropriate mail address would be

Last, but not least, of course, the user also rants on German in his blog.